I’m just a normal girl and I don’t have a sex worker stigma

Misty Cambel is in the top 5% of high earners in Britain’s escort industry.

The 38-year-old, who has worked as a London call girl for the past seven years, earns around £800,000 a year and only grew famous after appearing in the documentary New Slaves: Breaking the Chains – with former escort girl Cassandra Loverlace.

Misty, who has appeared on Channel 9’s Horny Bodies and Do You Know Who You Are?, was famously filmed by MyTV having unprotected sex with a customer.

She told MyTV: ‘That was a thing of joy for a lot of people, to see women like me having sex as normal.

‘It’s become more acceptable to show different parts of our lives now. It’s like they’ve seen the sex industry as normal and in my case I was seeing normal customers.

‘I’m very hard on myself. I probably thought I was too young, too naive to get involved with it, but I thought this would be fun. It turns out it was something you could only get involved with if you were 18 or older.’

The mother-of-one, who has a one-year-old son, said she just wishes she would have listened to friends who warned her she may get burnt out.

‘I’d see them getting upset and pissed off and feeling like they were missing out,’ she said.

‘I think now that they were right. I’m so tired of it. I’d hate to end up in the bottom of the shit heap like everyone else did.

‘People say I’m being selfish and selfish because I need money to feed my child and bills, but I see my as rent, food and bills. I don’t need the money, but I do need a roof over my head.

‘I do consider myself lucky that I can pay someone else to do the job, but in some respects I also consider myself lucky. I don’t think my life will change that much, I just won’t do it for a long time.’

Misty also rejected the notion that people see her only through the lens of the ‘pole-dancing, happy porn of London escorts’, who are always offered a champagne evening and the latest designer handbag by their clients.

She said: ‘Nobody has to like you if they’re having sex with you. We’re just people and everyone’s in different situations. I always thought all the viewers must want to have sex with me then they realised I’m a normal girl too.’